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Here at ArticleDeals, you’ll find quality articles, ebooks, and autoresponder packages at affordable prices.   PLR packages are perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to write, but doesn’t want to pay a lot for a ghostwriter.  You can use these articles as blog posts, backlinks, send them out in an autoresponder series, or combine them to make your own report.

We’re always adding new content, so if you want to keep up to date, make sure you sign up with the form on the right.  You’ll also receive a sample pack of articles, completely free!  You can do anything you want with those articles (except sell them as PLR, of course!)

What Makes This Site Different

Why should you buy from this site, as opposed to other sites out there?  Here’s a brief list of all the things that make ArticleDeals different.

  1. All the articles are completely unique and researched and written personally by me.  They are not rehashed variations of other PLR out there.  You’ll find articles you’ve never seen anywhere else!
  2. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use this site.  Just buy whatever articles you are interested in.
  3. Quality is important here.  You can use these articles without making any changes for your autoresponder or a short report.  You may want to make some changes if you put them on your own site, but even that is not necessary.
  4. If you are concerned about overuse, don’t be!  There will be some packs that have a limited release, but even the ones without limits are not likely to be overused, especially if you add your own style to them.
  5. Everything here is priced affordably.  You’ll pay a flat rate of $1/page, sometimes even less!  If you are on my mailing list, you may even occasionally receive coupon codes to save even more.

How to Use This Site

If you’re new to the site, welcome!  Please feel free to browse through the available PLR packs.  If you are interested in one, just add it to the cart.  All transactions are safely processed through e-Junkie.

PLR is organized into categories, with several different topics, as well as articles, autoresponder series (coming soon!), reports (coming soon!), and ebooks (coming soon!)  You can use the search bar to the left if you are looking for a specific type of PLR.  If you don’t see it yet on the site, then let me know what you are looking for in the form on the right.  I’ll add that topic as soon as possible.

PLR Resources

I’ve put together a few articles on how to use the PLR you find here, as well as some general information about PLR.  Feel free to check them out!

Who Needs PLR?

Who Am I?

What Can You Do with PLR?

Do You Need to Rewrite PLR?  A Brief How To

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