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Airline Tickets PLR

Travel much?  This airline ticket PLR pack is just what your travel site needs!  $5

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Booking Your Airline Tickets! – 419 words
  • How to Get the Best Deals on Airline Tickets – 471 words
  • Why do Airline Ticket Prices Vary So Much? – 418 words
  • How to Book Airline Tickets Online – 438 words
  • Tips to Get the Seat You Want on an Airplane – 411 words

airline ticket PLR


Home Gym PLR – Top 5 Home Gyms on Amazon Reviewed

Want to get a head start on weight loss season? Then your site needs this pack of home gym reviews! Just five dollars, it contains the following articles:

  • Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym Review – 467 words
  • Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review – 405 words
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Review – 438 words
  • Body By Jake Tower 200 Review – 432 words
  • Best Fitness BFMG20 Review – 453 words

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Internet Business PLR

Does your website teach people how to run a successful online business?  These five articles on Internet business are perfect for emails, blog posts, or membership sites.  $5  for all of them.

Successful Internet Business Strategies:  Avoid These Three Common Pitfalls! – 531 words

How to Start an Internet Business – Planning, Establishing and Growing Your Business – 458 words

Bad Internet Business Ideas – Know What to Avoid Online – 458 words

Top 7 Internet Business Models – 521 words

Cultivating a Positive Internet Business Mindset – 467 words

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Article Marketing PLR

This collection of article marketing PLR is sure to make any Internet marketer happy! Here’s a list of the titles:

  • Article Marketing Strategies:  Maximize Your Profits with Each Article – 463 words
  • Increase Your Clicks by Writing an Effective Title! – 430 words
  • Article Marketing Keyword Research:  How to Find the Best Keywords for Article Marketing – 541 words
  • How to Write an Article for Readers and the Search Engine – 559 words
  • Backlinking Your Articles for Maximum Search Engine Power – 414 words

You can buy these articles now for only $5.

Article Marketing PLR


Weight Loss PLR Pack

This is a pack of 5 articles for $5 on the following topics:

  • Can You Lose Weight Without Counting Calories? – 527 words
  • Foods to Eat that Help You Lose Weight – 341 words
  • Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym – 458 words
  • How to Lose 5 pounds this Week – 478 words
  • Lose Weight Without Dieting – 438 words

You can buy these articles right now for $5.

weight loss PLR

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