Do You Need to Rewrite PLR? A Brief How To

You buy PLR to save time and money.  So do you really need to rewrite it before using it?

Some sources  will tell you this is important.  After all, you are not the only one getting a copy of that article.  Many people may buy the same pack over time, which may make you think of the so-called duplicate content theory.  However, this does not actually occur for the most part.

There is a lot of debate over the duplicate content theory; however, Google’s own policies prove that this doesn’t exist.  The only duplicate content penalty that is applied is where the same content occurs on multiple pages of a site.  It doesn’t count multiple occurrences of the same content on different sites around the Internet.

That being said, if your site is brand new with all PLR articles on it, you may want to rewrite some of it.  Even adding a brief introduction, or changing the title should be enough to get around the duplicate content penalty.

If you are using these articles as a report or an autoresponder series, you don’t need to rewrite them.  You can just put your own name on them without changing a thing!

When You Must Rewrite PLR

There are some times when you absolutely must rewrite these articles.  This includes when you submit it to article directories that require original content.  Also, you may not use these as they are as a PLR product you intend to sell.  You must rewrite it to at least 80% difference.

How to Rewrite PLR

The most important parts of any article to rewrite is the title, closely followed by the first paragraph.  You can also use it as an idea to start your own blog post.  As you write, think about improving the article instead of just rewriting it.  For example, if an article provides 3 tips, you can add a fourth.  You can also add in stories from your own life that relate to the topic.  Other ideas include quotes, examples, opposing viewpoints, pictures, charts, and graphs.


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